On Unschooling and Math


My oldest, Thomas, has just entered sixth grade - at least, according to the public school that oversees our unschooling adventure. The last time he had anything remotely resembling a formal math lesson was when he was five years old, and I was still in my "we're doing things exactly like school, ... More

The Art of the (Im)Possible


I read an article lately that really resonated with some of my own recent experiences. It had to do with taking our children's dreams seriously, and resisting the temptation to meet those ideas with our own sensible, grown-up feedback. This is easier said than done, I tell you. Thank goodness we get ... More

Hello Again!

Friends, it's been a while, I know. Life has been keeping me busy these days, and what little time there has been for writing has been devoted to two new children's books that are in the works. But tonight, my husband graciously ushered all of the small people out of our home for some good ... More

Silencing the Expert Within


I'm a trained educator. I hold degrees in general education and special education. I constantly hone my skills through coursework and self-study. But none of this matters. No, it doesn't matter one whit  - not to my children. To them, the number of degrees I've earned is irrelevant. The plethora ... More