Unschooling Math

Below are links to different activities you can offer that have some math embedded in them.

Keep in mind, unschooling is about following a child’s interests.  These are not ways to “sneak” learning into your day. They are absolutely not lesson plans. And they are not more valuable than watching a t.v. show, coloring a picture, or a whole host of other activities just because they appear on a page with the word “math” in the title.

My suggestion is to read through any that jump out at you.  Then just tuck them into the back of your mind.  If your child expresses an interest in something related, or if you’re looking for something fun to do on a rainy day, you might give one of them a try.

Charting the weather

Exploring with Geoboards

Engineering with Marshmallows

Math in Milles Bornes