Unschooling Social Studies

The term “social studies” is a very broad term.  Most likely, when we think of it in relation to our own schooling experiences, it brings back memories of wall maps and film strips (remember those?).  But in the unschooling paradigm, this term is so much more expansive. When we pause to actually think of the meaning of these two words, “social” and “studies”, we should feel a degree of anticipation and exhilaration. We are, after all, social beings.  Studying all that makes us uniquely human is truly exciting – and encompasses so much more than memorizing locations on a map or reciting a list of historical dates. Whenever your child is interacting with the world, he or she is engaged in social studies.

Below are some activities my children have enjoyed.  We have engaged in them because we thought it would be fun and interesting, not so we could meet somebody else’s definition of  “social studies”.  If any of them strike a chord with you and your kids, by all means, give them a go.  But remember, it is even more key to develop the ability to recognize the social studies already taking place within your child’s daily experiences.

Flat Stanley’s Journey Around the World (geography)